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Full text of "Further Sources Of Vijayanagara History"

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kingdom iro:n the city of frhanagiri. His elder brother
R&uaraia. l^rned in till the l»7«:rff$, renounced the world,

i::.1t.r.vr;; £ -Vr'V.'rrj j^d -x'SJiippei Ea*vaina:i; lie went
t'* AV~L]:VU ..i •'•:.:-! = i ^/:-5'T:ir^-;/:'I/i^ aLcl f.ia Sfarsai-edi:
}\v :'..,-:. :vr.'iv..--i to '-Liu.a^ir: 1:1 rlie Bruise of a b-ziffifji, met his

vn'i^'c-r  S»r--.Tl:t:r. V" a Xarasii^arava. ^ave him a ^ri-Bama-

•                         •                       ,_•••-

;^7f'?, ,• :»r«i::.r.-d L. , order :ir:dtr iv-yal seal a::d a letter atithoris-
•"1-- ^'.^ r?~?*infr!-xwdM for himself in all the ITS z:ruj)<-tt!s. gave a
Z'-T »:'T^)/*t7;\ tr? tiae teniple ^i Tirumaki^perumaj. brought all
tLe ijii*?rc'l >"fA/xIa there uzdsr his control in accordance with
tbe royal *:-rder, and then, reuuLin^r tlie sacred city of SrTraugp.Tn
in ^aka year 1431, Saiimyii, lie giive a Rarna-mala to the !dirity) ai;d became a disciple at the feet of Kancladai-
Ai;uaii : he vras very mach devoted to the study of all sastras,
P':t oii rlie ro->es of an ?t5n<;t? and obtained the dasyanama
Kuiidadai-ESiiia^tujadasari. in the presence of Anna:!*.......

Koyilolugv9 pp. 1+3-5.


While Sulnva JsarasimkadSva 3Iakaraya was ruling in the
city uf Vijuyana^ura, seated on the jewelled-throae, a chief
«>f tae Putra custtf, Vaiikara Kninara. Diuli Basi Xayadn uy
:ai'jitr ei'tert-tl liia service with three thousand retainers.
^**:iji'...rTti Vim Xarasiiflharaja. a kinsman of Sambeta Pr.inaya-
djva ilalitlrilja. tlie ruler of Peranipadu, a place situated at a
ill*tillage '.it twenty miles to the north of Kadapa, rose in rebel-
liwu. He retired to a hill called the Laiikaniala. lying at a
of lifteeu miles to the north east of Peranipadu,, and
establUlied himself with his army at Maddi-Gundala, he
to Blunder the neighbouring districts. As soon as
ifuharaya heard of the activities of Yira
LL- commaiided Vaukara Kumara Dliiili Basi
t > march t»» Kauaalapur in the Kadapa country, and

*Th*pa ,w* rmitad CMitAin* &<? routine of tample sendee and the account of a
:»»*«» ia tit bo^S rf the StttvKri »nd its repair.